Tips and Tricks for newbies in digital advertising


Today I want to provide some tips and tricks for newbie how to test pop traffic on many sides.

So, let's go!

The 1st thing is vertical

The 1st thing is vertical, of course, you know, there are a plenty verticals nowadays (sweepstakes, dating, eCommerce, adult, installs, pin-submits and so on), but which one is the best for beginners? As firsthand experience we can say that the best ones are Sweeps, installs and Antivirus pins, but be aware of installs, because of there a lot of really good offers from experienced advertisers, so you can not get good ROI, just be careful.

So you can start with Sweeps and Antivirus Pins. So the case for them are really wide audience you can monetize. Look, you can use any traffic, fro example, it might be older person who decide to watch film of his youth, a teenager who watches adult movies, a child who desire to play game and so on, so all of them are you target audience.

The 2nd, not least important thing is choosing a geo

The 2nd, not least important thing is choosing a geo. As I can advise it`s better to start with tier2 or tier3 countries, but pay close attention to the countries like VN or IN, BR, AR (there are no really good offers and it is complicate to convert them). For the start you can test 3-5 geos and don`t register stressful feelings if your ROI is red after test of 3-5 days, anyhow you can change vertical, if your pins are not good as you wish you can try Sweeps. Do not worry and try everything, choose offers for the geo rather than the reverse.

Try everything you can find and do not ask your manager what is good geo or bad, because a big amount of traffic does not follow that it converts good. Try to do different tests with different networks, you will be astonished at how the same offer gives extremely different result. So to make true-to-life test launch your offers at least on 2 different sources.

The 3rd equally important thing is a landing

The 3rd equally important thing is a landing. According to my experience captured landings won`t show good result, but only for the beginning you can take landers from Adplexity or Adsxposed, but before you launch, make them cleaned. Set 3-6 landings with different framework of reference and test 10-20 campaigns to understand what is the best. Use a tracking system for your campaigns, it helps you.

So, we've already decided what vertical we want to run, chosen geo and landings, created campaigns in a tracker, the next fascinating challenge is setting rate. To make test, better set a little bit higher than average rate +10-20%, you see, that you will receive the better quality traffic, if you rate is higher than others. Try to change your rate step-by-step, if you see a lot of traffic, but low ROI- decrease it, if you see good ROI, but low traffic-increase it.

Try the numerous targeting that all networks can offer you, optimize it, test, be open for new things. Choose appropriate budget for you to start with.

Now then you are ready to do the analytics. So here is one of the way to do:

To conclude I wish you a good luck! And bear in mind that the most significant thing - the more you will spend for the tests, the more clear test will be.