Is there any difference between Asian, European, African markets?


When you start working with traffic, affiliate programs and everything related, you will notice how much information you will have to face and analyze. For example, there are a lot of offers and a few markets in the field. Are there any rules or peculiarities you need to know? How to combine them? Sure, as every aspect of work, this one also has some tendencies that you need to be aware of, at least. 

Different markets, why are they different, though? And why some offers can perform so well in some countries but show themselves awful in others? Well, for obvious reasons, the audience varies due to the traditions, customs, and history. But the majority says that foreign traffic brings better profit, so it’s one hundred percent worth trying and testing your ad campaigns, no matter what difficulties you may face. 

What are the reasons for it? There are countries with more expensive leads, and it makes sense to try to focus on them. We’ll speak about this point a little bit later. But to give you an example, offer targeting in Europe could bring your profit up to 2-3% higher than if you choose to work with the Russian market. Referring to the above-mentioned reason, look for the audience that is big and solvent.

Let’s move on to the topic you should take the biggest notice of. Sure, the pros go along with some points to think of. Some foreign markets have real competition. If you’re a newbie, you wouldn’t like to mess with the professionals who have the experience and special schemes of work, etc. But don’t feel bad about it, you may start your path with Asian, South American, or Eastern European countries. They could be of interest to you, since the competition is not that strong, and the lower revenue is compensated by a higher conversion rate.    

We’ve already noted that every country has a different background, it means it is worth investigating before starting the work. For instance, various food supplements, skin lightening, and other pharmaceutical products are invariably popular in Thailand and Vietnam. Learn some relevant information about the people and traditions, check their habits and patterns of behaviour. Maybe even look through some cases with GEOs you’re interested in. It’ll be helpful for you to see some examples of the real results. Sounds too much? But nothing too creepy, in fact. And don’t feel overwhelmed right now as we’re going to help you with this a little bit.

Let’s start with the Asian market, so all our new professionals could start their work right away! So, currently such countries as China, Thailand, India, Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea have become trendsetters in the digital industry. APAC region has not only a huge market potential but also a unique ecosystem. That is why be ready to learn the differences in consumer behavior as well as in their laws and regulations. 

Take into account that Indonesia is the third-largest mobile social media market in Asia and has more than 290 million users. And don’t forget about China as it is still the first with more than 1 billion users in social media. According to the statistics, the United States and China have the biggest economies in the e-commerce market. And besides it, China has a massive amount of traffic sources and advertisers.

Which traffic sources to choose if we speak about China? Well, 85% of Chinese traffic is at Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba Group. So, Baidu is a Chinese version of Google, the problem is that it obviously has the Chinese interface and to work with it, you either need to know the language or use a reseller. 

If we speak about Tencent traffic, that is a WeChat app. It has 1 billion users but, unfortunately, it’s quite hard to start working with it. Why? Your company needs to be registered in China as Tencent pays very big attention to performance marketing, or, once again, you can cooperate with the official reseller.

With Alibaba group, you won’t be able to buy their direct traffic, but you can try and test Aliexpress partner program, or you can always find an affiliate network that has such kinds of offers.

Don’t forget the fact that such Internet-giants as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are banned there. Choose whether DSP or SSP as sources or the ones we’ve talked about above.   

And what about verticals and offers? The most popular ones are gaming, e-commerce, and utilities. By the way, some of the companies which have their utility products are constantly adding new features and updates, it will allow you to scale your ad campaigns. If we speak about gaming, focus mostly on mobile offers. 

Let’s also mention some Asian countries and what tendencies for offers are presented there. 

India, adult traffic would be a real deal for you here, never lose a chance to test your offers with this type, it could be even not 18+ offers. Apart from them, though, any offers that emphasize motherhood, household, women’s body and its improvement. 

Thailand pays much attention to everything related to beauty and health improvement.  

 Vietnam is very concerned about health problems because of the smog and unsanitary conditions in the country. And once again, any offers that deal with skin whitening as for Vietnamese white skin is a sign of being related to an aristocracy. 

Even though Singapore is an extremely technological country, the nation chooses to focus on their health more. But they are very modern and picky, so your offers should be really interesting and unique ones. 

For Hong Kong, you can also feel free to test all of your offers with the adult type of traffic and everything connected with the 18+ offers.

Let’s move into European market. What do we have to tell you about this region?

The first trend is that your ad has to be more personalized. The content is no longer that common and suits everybody. It tends to present the information that is created for the user in real-time. If your creatives are in English, also make sure to translate them in the national language, and it definitely improves their conversion rate. The second one is to try to be more clear and true, don’t be to fancy about everything. Demonstrate your emotional empathy for your audience, it will help you gain long-term loyalty.

Our closer look will be at German traffic. Once again, the biggest part of the traffic is a mobile one. There’s a big misconception that Facebook is more popular than any other traffic source. You should also focus on Google Ads, Native-teaser, and Push traffic sources. Adult type is of great interest to you as well.

Let’s see the examples of offers that can perform well in Germany. No wonder it’s health-related offers as in Asia. To be more exact, male enhancement and weight loss products. In addition, joint care, blood vessels, and heart related products. 

Moving from health topic offers, we’ve already mentioned the adult type of traffic. So, dating and adult dating offers will do the job here. Test others such as sex webcams, casinos, porn sites subscription, betting, and sweepstakes.   

But Europe is Europe, a well-known place for most of us. We guess it is more interesting to you to learn more information about the regions that are in the distance as Africa. 

What are the tendencies in Africa? Make your content more creative, it will engage the involvement. We mean - pay attention to the video advertising as the conversion rate is higher by 5%. Besides, Hubspot says that if you add a video to your email, it will boost the clicks by 200%–300%. 

Specialists suggest building a big awareness of your brand with the help of your community. What is it? Your clients could act on your behalf - they could answer the questions, generate content, etc. Involve your audience, it could really assist you and do the favour in hard times. 

Encourage them to write reviews, share stories, make shoutouts. Sure, only happy clients could do such actions, and it’s your job to make them like that. The first step is to provide them with the decedent customer service. Still, a lot of African brands seem to be very careless, check the live chats, your DMs, emails. You can make it somehow an automated process. 

In connection with the efficient customer service, make sure your social media such as Facebook and Instagram are also engaged. It’ll give a proper projection of the business brand information. 

Another advice from us on how to work with African traffic is to draw your attention to email traffic. This one can help you to find out the needs of your targeting audience - divide them into small targeting groups, personalize the message, and get the results.

What about affiliate programs in Africa? There are affiliate programs in Nigeria's largest online mall Konga, e-commerce giant Jumia, Travelstart in Kenya, and Ghana's Web4Africa amongst others. Besides it, there aren’t as many African affiliate networks, and most of them are presented in South Africa - Admarula, Affiliate or Offerforge.

But at the moment, most of the business owners, publishers, and so on see the potential in this way of promoting the brands. They start opening the online shops, so that affiliate programs could appear. The only obstacle here is cybercrimes that occur and, to be more exact, fraud is a big concern. But don’t worry, if such a possibility happens, it’s always transparent, and you as the user shouldn’t be anxious. 

With African traffic, you can easily test such offers as mobile installs, pin submit, dating, adult, casino, betting, sweepstakes.

Sure, it would be impossible to present all the aspects of this versatile topic, but we hope we made it clear for you at least a bit. Just keep in mind that every time you start working with the new region or vertical, try to stick to all the points we’ve mentioned, but the greatest thing for you will be to check some previous cases that are relevant to you. There are a lot of them on the Internet in different forms. Don’t be afraid to start something new and dive into a fresh amount of info that could lead you to success!