What Is Worth Your Attention for the Next Months?


Today we would like to reflect on some tendencies in digital marketing and advertising for the next few months. What can you do to make more profit in 2020 or basically stay afloat and successful? Well, for many 2020 has brought a lot of unexpected and unpleasant news. Pandemic started to dictate its rules and almost every sphere of human lives was affected, people have to adapt their lifestyle, work and habits to the new environment. A lot of them took it hard and painful. Sure, there are already billions of articles, discussions and lots of other things which are dedicated to this topic. We don’t have an intention of presenting you another one. Just would like to share some information that can help and inspire you!

Let’s say a few words about digital advertising in general? What tendencies should you focus on? 

Right now the mobile traffic is more popular than ever, far more popular than desktop one. We’re always with our phones, checking notifications, emails on the way, buying some goods and even paying our bills. Don’t you agree that everything is so convenient using your mobile phone? That is why, as a webmaster, always make sure that your site is adaptive and suits for different OS. Mobile apps are also a must nowadays. As an advertiser or media buyer, never underestimate the power of mobile traffic, as you’ve understood from the reasons above, there are more users, more traffic and profit.

Again with the pandemic, a lot of people happened to be isolated and bored in a confined space. Most of them prefer spending their time on the Internet, traffic is growing no wonder and new traffic sources appear. All in all, this tendency was developing since the beginning of the year but it started to grow faster. So, those new traffic sources are social networks with the increasing audience and very popular influencers. We’ll speak about it more further, but the main idea here is to be open to new things and be ready to test, be creative!

While being creative, don’t get carried away because the users are very picky and have a distrust of everything that has some hints of incompetence. Know your audience, it’s not enough to simply translate your web-site to the national language. Each one of them has a special mindset, culture and traditions. So, if you’re interested in pushing your ad forward and getting the results, be close to your target audience and it’ll trust you and your product. 

Speaking of ad formats, popunder and push are still popular and continue bringing awesome results as it was always before, but another thing that you need to try is a video ad format. Video content works very well for increasing the users’ loyalty to the product, and it goes along with the fact that users prefer watching about something rather than reading about it. According to the various statistics, video format really stimulates them to purchase the goods or whatever was advertised. Once again, at the moment there are plenty of sources which can promote it actively, and besides, there are many variants of these video promotions, for example, online casinos and dating verticals often choose this ad format to really stand out. Besides that, this one is used in betting, usually the videos are dedicated to different sports events.  

The real professionals know that every traffic source differs and each one of them has certain peculiarities. Not every offer is good to go with some randomly chosen source, so don’t miss this thing out and especially today. So, which traffic sources should you pay attention to?

Facebook traffic is still very valid and solid, many start and keep working with this source, as it actually brings a lot of profit. We’ll mention a few tips which are crucial to take into account. Over the years, the ad cost has risen up and it’s definitely not the end. The bright side of it - it’s still worth spending the money, the lifetime value of users will prevail. Moreover, pay attention to Facebook updates as they’ll help you to make your work more automated and efficient, your ROI may thank you later. Again, never underestimate the mobile traffic as the huge part of Facebook revenue comes from it, plus video content and especially stories feature.  

Let’s mention some fresh features of Google Ads traffic. A new function that you need to check out is Google Discovery Ads. It’s a personalized ad feed where always new and relevant posts appear, so you could get new and interested clients. Try Smart Bidding if you have just started working with this traffic or if you’re short of time, it’ll adapt your bid to certain circumstances, making the most profit to your ad campaign. 

TikTok is killing right now, if you haven’t heard of it, then you literally live in a cave. It has the biggest audience and it keeps growing every day. It’s the most downloaded app used in many countries, and users are so obsessed that they keep checking it billion times per day. How can you use it for profit? Explore filters, masks and various effects, branding them will raise awareness of your product. In-feed native video will show up in the feed among other users’ videos as a call for action. Another type of TikTok ad is a banner which appears when you open the app, it’s possible to put a direct link to your landing. Also, attract popular bloggers, come up with the challenges, you won’t believe your eyes how many views it might get. In conclusion, TikTok success is mind-blowing and, sure, it’s high time to grab some of it.

And what about Snapchat? It’s definitely worth testing as it has a lot of solvent audiences even though most of them are from the US and Europe that is hard to impress but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Here are a few tips for you which will help you to be more efficient. Again, the audience is also quite young but very involved. That’s why moderation is quite strict and trash work won’t do! Only white offers are admitted to the platform (or choose to cloak but make it very simple). Don’t make mistakes in the creative, be very attentive and don’t forget to use a logo, otherwise, the moderators will be very biased. All in all, with Snapchat be very precise and clear, don’t exaggerate and don’t try to cheat on them!

Also, never forget about popunder, push and native traffic sources. They’ll be always there and they always can generate profit for you as long as you’re willing to test. Check out our ‘Traffic Volume’ (https://ungads.com/promo/traffic-volume) and start your journey with us!

We’ve talked about traffic sources and now it’s time to move on to the verticals which deserve your attention.

Gaming and installs. People have definitely started to ‘consume’ more of such content. It’s not only games for fun but any kind of services, tools to help you be more productive or to communicate with the friends or colleagues, boost your mindfulness and healthy habits. Besides, many people got trapped at home without any physical activity, any sports apps are a lifesaver for them. And as a bonus, any streaming services that offer a user to buy a subscription plan should also perform great. Don’t forget about various utilities such as VPN, antiviruses because people are so eager to protect their computers, their bright light in these dark times.   

Anything that is connected with finance and making money. As a lot of people have faced with money problems, that is their chance to earn them or somehow get them with the help of loans, etc. 

Gambling will never go away and with all that is happening, it has started to grow - the revenue, the deposits. The online casinos are, once again, the fastest way to get some money for people during the hard times. The only challenge for an affiliate or media buyer would be that this vertical is hard to work with, but your efforts will definitely be rewarded, especially now. One of the reasons is that other vertical, ‘betting’, has suffered big changes, there are no sport events in today’s world, that’s why many users either started to bet on cyber-sports or play slots. We will talk about this topic in one of the following articles, so look forward to our new posts!

Sweepstakes stand quite near to the gambling and finance in terms of reasons why it stayed afloat during pandemic. People have some hopes to win a nice and expensive smartphone, gadget or any gift card that would come very handy. This vertical is so stable, and it seems nothing can shake it and it’s good that you can test it in so many ad formats, geos. So, the targeting options give you room for creativity. 

And dating or adult is something that is also worth testing. The statistics show that even popularity of apps for dating and one-night stands is still here as people are looking for communication that could have a potential to be continued after a lockdown period. Not to speak about webcams offers and some adult video content which are extremely in favour which helps people to fight boredom for most.

Of course, such products as antiseptics, masks and so on will stay afloat while it all lasts, but right now you may try your luck and earn some profit. There are a lot of ways to promote them in various traffic sources, formats and geos as well, the target audience is wide. Even though some strict moderation rules can be applied to this vertical, for example, ‘coronavirus’ word is prohibited, but it still doesn’t make the conversion rate of these offers lower.

Let’s dwell on some exact offers that showed good results in the last few months, you may find it helpful and pay you attention to similar ones. Moreover, it proves that verticals mentioned above could bring you profit. 

For example, ‘Lead Profit’ team managed to earn 136 000$ within 10 days on McDonalds sweepstakes for the US on Facebook. They didn’t fall into despair, as usually they worked with e-commerce and they decided to try their luck on a new path which seemed to work for them in the current situation. And it turned out great, all in all, it didn’t seem too hard to them to get a nice profit with a slight optimization and a fast decision to adapt to today’s business. 

We talked that during the lockdown many people become very sportive and sports apps or goods can be your attempt to gain a profit. @ADShymko (Telegram) shares his story of how he earned around 5200$ sending traffic to sport equipments such as yoga mats, bolsters, etc. with Facebook traffic. His main tactic was to interact with the users in the comment section, it helped him to increase the engagement and trust to the products. You don’t need to be a yoga expert to provide people with the relevant information to make them buy stuff. 

Media buyer @anuta_camrade (Instagram) made about 800$ net profit on wap-click adult offer, and she used such traffic sources as popunder and native. Her main key to success was optimization that is something that we always remind you about! After spending her budget on the test and getting ROI 2%, she optimized her campaign, and immediately the results increased to ROI 36%. Not bad, not bad! Also, she says that involving as many traffic sources as possible and will help you scale your campaign based on volume. 

Find more fresh successful cases on the Internet, it’ll help you to see the situation and opportunities from another angle. Take our pieces of advice, never lose your spirit and try to take advantage of everything! Sure, it’s not all the information that is relevant to this topic. We’ll tell you more about it in our following articles. Stay tuned!