Start Making Profit with UngAds. Volume II


Most of you are well aware of UngAds and how to start working with the platform. Besides, we had an article dedicated to setting up the campaigns but a lot of time has passed and many things have changed. We still advise you to read it as the basis points are still the same. And today we’re glad to introduce to you volume two! Yup! Well, pull out the paper and be ready to make some notes or better make an account (if you haven’t already) and start creating the ad campaign.

Let’s start from the beginning and double clear everything. What’s in advertising network? How does it make your work simpler? Advertising Network is an intermediary between publishers and advertisers. It simplifies their interactions since the ad network is responsible for communication and transactions between them. You either only submit your site and start working as a publisher or create your ad campaign and wait for results.

As an advertising network UngAds has traffic for various verticals and type of offers including and adult ones. There are more than 500k direct publishers, only exclusive and well-chosen web-sites for any offer you have to promote. Meanwhile, don’t forget to read our moderation rules concerning the creatives which are prohibited on our platform (

Another good thing before start is to check the available traffic volume for the geo, format, OS and etc. of your offer. You need ‘Traffic Volume’ section. Click the link and watch everything yourself (

By the way, you can always ask your account manager or chat support for any kind of help. Whether you’re not sure about your creatives or offer, or you haven’t found the numbers for volumes you were looking for. Don’t be shy or feel hesitant about it, they’re real professionals who can come up with any solution for your problem.

But we aren’t able to start creating campaigns yet as it’s time to top up your balance at first. Be aware that UngAds works only with prepayment. It means that you deposit the money to activate your account, further this money will be spent on the traffic. Of course, in case of any problems you can easily ask for refund of the remaining amount and get your money back within 14 working days.

Notice that you need to verify your email in order to proceed with the payment and fill in all the required information in your account. Please, give all the relevant data, it’ll take less than 5 minutes of your time but it will save so much of it in our cooperation! To start our minimum deposit is 100$, you can top up with PayPal, Bank Card, Paxum, Payoneer, WebMoney or Wire (in euro). A few important notes that you need to know. If you’re interested in opening PayPal or Payoneer methods refer to your manager as he or she’ll give you an updated answer about them. To open a bank card you also need to go through a verification procedure, again your account manager will provide you with all the details.

After you have some money on your account, we can start creating campaigns. Our last article was fully devoted to the targeting of your campaigns where all the tips are mentioned, so check it out also. 

Have you seen that it’s possible to add our Net Partners & XML Feeds traffic to your ad campaign? You’ll get all the volumes available and no need to switch between different ad networks to check your results, everything is in one place.

And if you’re not in a hurry and would like to start analyzing your campaign in your free time later, just choose ‘Pause After Moderation’ and get back to it anytime.

Now when you’ve set up your campaign, it’s good to go. Time of moderation depends on the ad format but it’s no longer than a few hours. For example, popunder will be ready in 15 minutes. And you can start keeping an eye on the first results. We’d like to add that in a first hour the campaign just starts picking up the pace as all the publishers are being connected to the offer. Let it on for some time to see the real results. 

Moreover, making changes in the campaign every few minutes or stopping and starting it very often is also not a good thing for the traffic flow. We understand that optimizing your campaign is a key to the profit but just keep it in mind, gather those changes and make them at once, they’ll be applied much faster and it won’t affect the traffic flow.

Let’s sum up again the advantages of our platform which are significant to highlight.

- Postback or API integration. Make the process of your work more automated and transparent, easy to analyze and efficient. 

- Personal assistance. Your account manager is always eager to help you, solve your problems or make your campaign more profitable. Also, you can refer to chat support, there you can receive any assistance asap.

- Several ad formats and payment models. A big room for testing, if one format doesn’t convert well, try changing the format and payment model because the traffic may react in a different way. Also, mainstream and adult publishers are available. 

- World Wide traffic. Any geo is here for your offer with a good traffic volume which will be later converted into a nice profit.

- Up-to-date and adaptable technology. UngAds platform doesn’t stand still. We always move with the time. That’s why be ready to face some new features from time to time which will broaden your possibilities or make your interaction with the platform much easier. But that’s the good news, right?

A few words for publishers as you’re also the biggest and important part of the platform work. If you have a website and you’d like to monetize it, that’s amazing! Register as a publisher on the platform, submit your website and that’s all. Payouts are twice a month, very nice and big ones, by the way. And all the payment systems are available to your convenience. And finally, the personal account is fully redesigned and you can enjoy the interaction with it even more!

Anyway, as you know every tip for a newbie now, you’re so ready to start creating your own ad campaign. Without further ado, register or just click ‘Create Campaign’ and wait for the profit. We’re always here to guide you!