How to Target your Campaigns like a Pro!


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Today let’s deep into targeting options. We’ll tell you more about some of them and how they can improve your campaign performance.

So, what is the targeting? And why is it so important?

Targeting helps you work with a certain group of people, it’s called a target audience, and they have common characteristics such as geo, operating system and etc.

Correct targeting is highly crucial for you or otherwise you have to deal with money loss. And you don’t want that, right? And also you’ll get an information which will be absolutely useless for you, unfortunately.

But well-chosen targeting will always give you a good conversion rate and CTR. Apart from that the quality of traffic will be much better as it will suit your offer.

The most obvious is geo-targeting. Usually some verticals perform better in certain countries and regions. You can always ask for help your account manager, they’re really aware about the offers running on the platform and their success and they can easily give you a hint. Also, if you haven’t heard, we have a city or region target available, for that you also should contact your account manager.

Let’s dwell on some targeting options which are not that obvious for everyone.

Carrier. This is a quite narrow targeting and before starting the campaign you need to find out the available volumes as it may reflect on the results and bid. Also, make sure to know exactly which carriers are fine to use with your offer.

Operating Systems and Devices. For some offers such as mobile apps, this is a significant thing. So, for example, there’s a plenty of traffic for Android and to reduce it, you can put a certain version of this operating system plus the performance of some applications are better on higher versions of Android. 

Languages. In general, we don’t suggest targeting the language as it really reduces the volume because not every system passes it correctly. But in some countries where there are a few national languages it helps to filter the audience. Sometimes setting the language can improve the quality of traffic. 

Time Targeting. It’s no secret that some offers converts well on a certain time of the day. For example, adult or gambling campaigns should give better performance at night-time. Later, it’d be clearer to you when you campaign gives most of the results, so you also could target this specific time.

Black-List and White-List. It’s a life-saver for many advertisers. Filter out the trash traffic with a help of BL and target only highly-performed publishers with WL. 

IP restriction. Many advertisers have some personal list of IP addresses which is targeted on relevant users but be aware that those results may change! Another thing that’s important to pay attention to is when you set both carrier and IP targeting, it’s better to leave one thing as this information could cross and leave you with no volumes and results.

Well, we hope it helps you to feel a lot like a pro while creating your campaigns and choosing the right audience for your offer which later could bring you the most of profit! If you have some questions still - let us know, we‘ll help you to figure them out! If you’re also interested in some specific topic, we’d be glad to make a research for you and provide you with an useful information in a new article!

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