Campaign effectiveness: measuring ad success


Much emphasis is on how to launch, set, run, target ad campaigns. No objections, it's extremely important and valuable. And what about 'how to create an effective campaign'? Who and how can dare predict the future effectiveness of your own campaign? Nobody, we guess, except for yourself! And it's no...

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Is there any difference between Asian, European, African markets?


When you start working with traffic, affiliate programs and everything related, you will notice how much information you will have to face and analyze. For example, there are a lot of offers and a few markets in the field. Are there any rules or peculiarities you need to know? How to combine them? S...

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The importance of campaign testing


Scientists carry out experiments before presenting their inventions; doctors conduct trials before medication release; cooks taste their dishes before serving; developers test their products before launching; manufacturers try their goods before putting them on the market. No activity and no field w...

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Brands Have Stopped Affiliate Programs: How to React to the Situation?


Without waxing too poetic, the world is living in a mess now. And this has lasted for six months already. The pandemic that has made us completely change our habits couldn't but leave a lot of traces on the overall global economy, and digital marketing is not an exception. Being its important part,...

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Sports betting today: should we turn to e-sports?


You're champing at the bit, counting days until international horse racing or a soccer championship, dreaming of it as if it were your major life event... But bang! And everything starts marching to the beat of a different drum – restraints, suspensions, cancellations... Today, the world’s economy i...

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