How to Start Earning with Affiliate Marketing?

'How to make money online', 'start earning real money on the internet', 'stop working for someone else, be your own boss'... It sounds familiar, doesn't it? But what is all this? Frauds, shady tactics, or else valid methods? We're about to see into viable practices, for sure. One of these practices is affiliate marketing, and for today it's considered to be one of the most efficient and lucrative ways to earn money online. We bet it really works when approaching it wisely. To make it certain, let's gain insight into this field and its action mechanism.

What Do You Know About API?

The digital advertising realm is immense, and nowadays on the market, there are a lot of various instruments and tools to simplify activities related to ads. Everybody starts low and go slow, but having reached a certain level, it becomes hard to cope with all the processes by own efforts. And this is where automation of some tasks could be very helpful. Have you ever considered API and its value in a broad sense? Let's take some time to see what it actually is and how it can be used. Just imagine, having entered the market, API profoundly changed the process of info sync between various applications and software components.

Start Making Profit with UngAds. Volume II

Most of you are well aware of UngAds and how to start working with the platform. Besides, we had an article dedicated to setting up the campaigns but a lot of time has passed and many things have changed. And today we’re glad to introduce to you volume two! Yup! Well, pull out the paper and be ready to make some notes or better make an account (if you haven’t already) and start creating the ad campaign.

How to Target your Campaigns like a Pro!

Let’s deep into targeting options. We’ll tell you more about some of them and how they can improve your campaign performance. Targeting helps you work with a certain group of people and that’s why correct targeting is highly crucial for you or otherwise, you have to deal with money loss. And you don’t want that, right? Click to read more about it!

OctoTracker is a russian professional tracking system

OctoTracker is a russian professional tracking system for media buyers and affiliates. UngAds is now formed partnership with OctoTracker.