Are push notifications just a distraction or an effective strategy?


For the last few years, phones have become a vital part of everyday lives. There are various mobile apps on the market. Almost every user today has a bunch of apps installed to have a chat with friends, plan life, create all types of content, etc. Basically, with the help of those apps, we can do ev...

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Betting industry today: expert view


Most sports events have gone on hiatus. Due to this void, the overall betting industry is undergoing some changes now. How do bookmakers meet this challenge and fill this void? Much information on the matter is floating around the internet today. But it's important to be aware of what is really behi...

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What you can and cannot advertise on social platforms?


While working with the advertisement, you need to take into account a lot of things. One of them and quite significant is restriction rules. We bet you’ve faced it, at least, once in your lifetime. You have an offer, you’ve made creatives, but traffic source hasn’t approved your ad campaign. Why? Wh...

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Make the most of Pinterest with affiliate marketing


The world of affiliate marketing keeps on growing and flourishing day by day. New tendencies come into sight, providing more and more opportunities for everyone already involved in the field, as well as opening doors and welcoming newcomers. It seems as though competing with each other and trying to...

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Is it worth running affiliate marketing programs?


One can assert that affiliate marketing is profitable only for publishers because they may easily make heaps of money using it, while merchants have nothing but bear expenses for everything related to advertising, and to cap it all, affiliate marketing programs. Do you know that today, major compani...

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