OctoTracker is a russian professional tracking system


OctoTracker is a russian professional tracking system for media buyers and affiliates. UngAds is now formed partnership with OctoTracker.

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How to make your advertising campaigns succesful. Pros and cons


Nowdays there are a lot of countries you can promote your offers and sell your product, but is all so rewarding to be so? As you know there are some developed countries as Canada, most of European countries, USA etc., so high payouts can produce results in these countries and in case you are able to...

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Tips and Tricks for newbies in digital advertising


Today I want to provide some tips and tricks for newbie how to test pop traffic on many sides. So, let's go!

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How to produce desire effect on campaigns with UngAds ad Network


Allow me to introduce you to UngAds Network and put into place campaign setup step-by-step, explaining various setting and options. Learning it first would be good start to work with UngAds.

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