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How to make Native Ad design more effective


About three out of every 10 Internet users had an ad blocker installed in 2018 – and that figure continues to rise each year. That fact means advertisers must find innovative ways to reach their targeted audience. For many brands and businesses, native ad designs are the solution. This method has se...

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How to make a creative that converts


The single most important thing that you can do to make a creative that converts is to understand your target market. It doesn’t matter how slick and fun your ad is if it doesn’t speak to your prospective client. In addition to targeting, you need to think about the type of creative you are making,...

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Campaign effectiveness: measuring ad success


Much emphasis is on how to launch, set, run, target ad campaigns. No objections, it's extremely important and valuable. And what about 'how to create an effective campaign'? Who and how can dare predict the future effectiveness of your own campaign? Nobody, we guess, except for yourself! And it's no...

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Is there any difference between Asian, European, African markets?


When you start working with traffic, affiliate programs and everything related, you will notice how much information you will have to face and analyze. For example, there are a lot of offers and a few markets in the field. Are there any rules or peculiarities you need to know? How to combine them? S...

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